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Some of Our Esteemed Clients

Cable Industry

  1. KEI Industries, Bhiwadi,Rajastan- Electric Ageing Oven
  2. KEI Industries, Chopanki,Rajastan- Degassing Chambers for EHV cables.
  3. Polycab Wires, Daman- Rectangular Annealing Furnace
  4. Zenith Wires , Daman- Vaccum Annealing Furnace
  5. Nivera Wires , Daman- Vaccum Annealing Furnace
  6. Universal Cable, Satna, MP- Hot Air Chambers , Bell Annealing Furnaces, Vaccum Annealing Furnaces
  7. ABB- Universal Cables, Satna, MP- Hot Air Chamber
  8. Sterlite Technologies, Haridwar, Uttaranchal-Degasing Plant
  9. Finolex Cables-Pune, Vaccum Annealing Furnaces
  10. Finolex J-Power Ltd., Shirwal, near Pune- Roller Hearth Furnace
  11. Ken Electricals, Rewa- Rectangular Bell Annealing Furnace, Roller Hearth Furnace
  12. General Cables, Baddi. Himachal Pradesh.- Degassing Plant

Sanitoryware/ ceramic industry

  1. Godavari Ceramics, Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh 110 meter long gas fired oven as per drawings of Hemsorth, West Germany.
  2. GMB Ceramics, Balasore, Odisha 95 meter long gas fired oven as per drawings of Hemsorth, West Germany
  3. Modification of ball mill drive, import substitute for trolleys
  4. Bell Ceramics- Baroda, Gujrat
  5. Bell Granito- Baroda, Gujrat
  6. H &R Johnson Ltd.Thane, Devas, Kunigad, Pen - Plus served in decorative application also.

Steel Industry

  1. Godrej & Boycee Plant No.19A, Vichroli Mumbai. Supply of 9 x 9 x 22 meter Bogie hearth stress relieving furnace. Capacity- 400 Ton
  2. Cimco, Bharatpur Supply of 7 x 7 x20 meter Bogie hearth stress relieving furnace. Capacity- 220 Ton for outdoor duty.

Sponge Iron Plant

  1. Essar Steel, Sponge Iron plant (module 1 &2) Hajira, Gujrat Supply of anchoring system and job work of ceramic fibre and refractory lining
  2. Sesa Goa, Sponge Iron Plant, Amona-Goa Ceramic Fibre and refractory lining work for heat recovery section including bussle pipe, economizer and chimney.
  3. In association with Flat Products equipments (India) Ltd.now CMI FPE Ltd.

  4. Uttam Galva Steel Ltd.(Dhonwath Plant), Khopoli Hot Deep Galvanising-wet Flux-Continuous Galvanising Plant Capacity- 14 tonnes/Hr.
  5. Uttam Galva Steel, Pali Road, Dist.-Raigad Continuous annealing and Galvanising Plant Capacity- 35 Tonnes/Hr.
  6. Union Steel, China
  7. Bhushan Steel, Khopli,
  8. Jindal Steel Works.Tarapur,
  9. PSP Steel, Chitgaon, Bangladesh
  10. Arti Strips Ltd. Nepal and some companies in African continent also.

Foundry Sector

  1. Uniabax Alloy and Steel Products, Thane, Maharashtra Supply of Bogie Hearth Furnace
  2. Unideritend Precision Castings, Thane, Maharashtra
  3. Nitin Castings Ltd. Thane ,Maharashtra
  4. Ashok Iron and Steel, Belgaon, Karnataka
    1. Cabot Sanmar- Mettur, Tamilnadu Indigenously designed Slip Rings to transmit power on a rotating furnace.
    2. Kilburn Industries Ltd., Mumbai- Rotary Dryers
    3. Cabot India, Navi Mumbai- Rotary dryers
    And executed many shutdown/energy conversion jobs for refineries and fertilizer industry.