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Bell Furnace

The plant consists of a Bell furnace suitable for jobs in huge volume and weight achieving consistent heat treatment cycles. Furnaces with double loading bases are supplied for faster loading and unloading and utilizing furnace stored heat from previous cycles. The above picture shows and electric bell lifted for unloading cable conductor drum.

bell Furnace

Rectangular bell furnace

We offer rectangular /circular bell furnace. It can operate at 1000 degree celsius. Fast and efficient in nature, the walls of this furnace are generally of ceramic fiber modules or ceramic fiber blankets. These are low thermal mass highly efficient furnaces with less connected loads. It is widely used in metallurgical industries. The Rectangular bell furnace shown in the picture is of 125/75 KW capacity, 6.5 m long for annealing of silver bearing copper flats, specially designed and commissioned for manufacturers of commutator segments. We are proud to state that we have executed repeat orders for it within one year of its installation

Salient features

  • Rectangular and circular furnaces can be designed as per requirement
  • Huge quantum of charge can be handled as per requirements
  • Double base can be used utilizing furnace stored heat from previous cycle and reducing loading unloading time
  • Energy sources

  • Electrical

  • Heat treatment processes performed

  • Normalising
  • Stress relieving
  • Annealing

  • Application industry

  • Auto components / Forgings
  • Castings
  • Fabricated components
  • Steel industry
  • Cable industry